More Traffic To Your Website

You own a Web property, such as a blog using WordPress, or an HTML coded Web site, and you want more traffic to your website. Higher visitor numbers and improved conversion to leads and sales would be just great?

I found a new service that’s offering a 14 day free Traffic Tips Course. It’s at the high tech Traffic and Conversion University. This Web training center is different. It focuses both on more blog traffic – using organic SEO and viral marketing, plus pay per click – as well as exactly how to improve conversion to sales on your website, once you have the Web visitors streaming in …

The Traffic and Conversion University has technology partners such as SpyVisit com, a relative newcomer to the conversions improvement game. They offer you 7 days trial of expert tracking and recording of mouse and cursor movements, scrolling, eye movements and click patterns – everything that your Web visitors are actually doing on your monetized, blog and Web site pages! This is an awesome boost for owners and online managers of eCommerce sites, where visitor conversion to sales is a critical factor for overall profitability of the eCommerce enterprise.

You desperately need more traffic to your website and then you need to convert traffic to leads and sales. Buyer keywords must be used in your content. Focus posts and pages around well researched buyer key phrases. These are often long tail key phrases that specify exact numbers and features of a product or a service that a buyer WANTS. They often prefix the search term with a word like “discount…” ¬†or “best price on…” Best deals and coupon web sites do good business on The Internet for this very reason!

So go now and take up your free traffic tips Course at Traffic and Conversion University. It’s a fabulous course. No charge ever for the information that will gain you increased Web traffic to your blog or website, as well as the knowledge you need for improving conversion to business marketing leads and to sales. Thank you for visiting T.C.U. today.

The Editor, Business Section

Answering questions on how to get more traffic to your website. So you can improve the bottom line profits on your accounting sheets. Enjoy the traffic tips you’ll be getting daily for 12 to 14 days. It’s a truly valuable training course.