My Funnel Empire Startup

What is it?  My Funnel Empire is where viral marketing meets hi tech in server side software – to create enormous leverage. You can then build a mailing list, while earning a growing quantity of affiliate commissions. And it multiplies itself and continues to grow, thanks to the leverage built-in to My Funnel Empire or M.F.E. Designed in Minnesota, USA.


My Funnel Empire is by Bryan Winters


The cycle is explained in the diagram above. Can you see that it is a multiplying, autonomously growing marketing system? You’ll love how the list building speed accelerates with MY FUNNEL EMPIRE – especially if you are a MFE Founder Member.  Please read the comment #1695 which the above link points you to. This is a truly exceptional system. Because of the growth leverage that is built-in and operates automatically for you.


Are you starving for more Web traffic to your blog or to your HTML coded Web site? We have the perfect solution for ALL bloggers and site owners. We give you 14 days of free traffic training in the form of a free email course. To begin your day by day traffic training, simply fill in this brief, dark blue form: Thanks 🙂



Your info is safe and secure with us. We never share your details or spam anyone.

If you need an autoresponder system, for sending out email broadcasts, and doing regular email follow up, then please fill this second form:


Thanks for working together. We will make My Funnel Empire exceptional. It will be proven to be the best viral marketing SYSTEM you’ll ever find, anywhere!

It launches on May 24, 2016. Here’s some proof of the traffic levels that the project’s creator has already achieved:


Get a Founder position in My Funnel Empire to generate this high Web traffic level

My Funnel Empire will easily generate this Traffic level, as earlier systems did this result.


More Traffic To Your Website

You own a Web property, such as a blog using WordPress, or an HTML coded Web site, and you want more traffic to your website. Higher visitor numbers and improved conversion to leads and sales would be just great?

I found a new service that’s offering a 14 day free Traffic Tips Course. It’s at the high tech Traffic and Conversion University. This Web training center is different. It focuses both on more blog traffic – using organic SEO and viral marketing, plus pay per click – as well as exactly how to improve conversion to sales on your website, once you have the Web visitors streaming in …

The Traffic and Conversion University has technology partners such as SpyVisit com, a relative newcomer to the conversions improvement game. They offer you 7 days trial of expert tracking and recording of mouse and cursor movements, scrolling, eye movements and click patterns – everything that your Web visitors are actually doing on your monetized, blog and Web site pages! This is an awesome boost for owners and online managers of eCommerce sites, where visitor conversion to sales is a critical factor for overall profitability of the eCommerce enterprise.

You desperately need more traffic to your website and then you need to convert traffic to leads and sales. Buyer keywords must be used in your content. Focus posts and pages around well researched buyer key phrases. These are often long tail key phrases that specify exact numbers and features of a product or a service that a buyer WANTS. They often prefix the search term with a word like “discount…”  or “best price on…” Best deals and coupon web sites do good business on The Internet for this very reason!

So go now and take up your free traffic tips Course at Traffic and Conversion University. It’s a fabulous course. No charge ever for the information that will gain you increased Web traffic to your blog or website, as well as the knowledge you need for improving conversion to business marketing leads and to sales. Thank you for visiting T.C.U. today.

The Editor, Business Section

Answering questions on how to get more traffic to your website. So you can improve the bottom line profits on your accounting sheets. Enjoy the traffic tips you’ll be getting daily for 12 to 14 days. It’s a truly valuable training course.



Project Breakthrough Free Video Course

Affiliate training has never been this good. With a focus on massive traffic and conversions, High Traffic Academy is giving away its new 14 day video training course, known as Project Breakthrough. This free video course has high standards. Jason McClain and Vick Strizheus of HTA are visionary Internet entrepreneurs who have just created the project with the greatest potential online earning power.

In the front end, Project Breakthrough has a $1.50 CPA offer. This is paid out monthly via check or Paypal using their associated affiliate aggregator company, ClickPromise com. If you want to remain a free affiliate, you simply take the affiliate training course for 14 days, and accept this $1.50 per person referred level of remuneration.

If you also join High Traffic Academy as an Elite Member, then up to 27 additional streams of affiliate income will open up to you. The cost of an Elite membership at High Traffic Academy, is $297 per month. It is well worth paying this much. Why? Because after the 14 days of free video training, you will have very high skills of driving Internet traffic and converting it to sales! Join me here to find out a lot more about the free videos. See on the right of that Web page, where it says, “Claim my free spot.”

I’ll help you as much as I can. Your email is completely safe with me. You can leave the Team at any time.

We have to do this together. Project Breakthrough is a video training course for affiliates. You will need to sift and filter it. Learn the skills and take away the most effective teachings. Things like media buys, buying solo ads, setting up your autoresponder and writing the first three, irresistible letters. Vick Strizheus is brilliant at these marketing tactics. Amazing quality of absolute gems in the free training, my friend.

Hint:  I, personally, didn’t say “yes” to all the upsells. First, take the free training and see it out for 14 days. You’ll find massive upsells to internal products, a champion level, and then a Summit meeting on August 22, 2016. At the High Traffic Academy Summit on August 22, you will be charged for attendance plus entered into a totally new network marketing company, called Entra LIFE and EntraCore. This is projected to create several millionaires. Only go THIS far, if you have conquered traffic and conversions. You CAN. Vick Strizheus shares his top level skills, all along the way. So does Jason McClain, across the board. The guys are both highly developed, 7 figure earners, with consistency. Jason showed us his huge advertising spend:     $60k per month at facebook and a massive $138k per month doing Google Adwords pay per click advertising. Of course, you don’t have to spend like this on Internet advertising. That’s the level that High Traffic Academy is operating at. It’s probably a lot more at the corporate level.

Anyway, I strongly recommend that every company’s affiliate manager does use Project Breakthrough for their training of affiliates. Why? Simply because these Internet experts are giving away their best ideas on getting Internet traffic and conversion. It’s of such high value. Please enter here for your 14 day video course of affiliate training:


Start Project Breakthrough 14 day step by step video course for affiliate training. No charge to you


Thanks for visiting me here today on my WordPress platform. I love this foundation. Do take advantage of the awesome Project Breakthrough free training for Internet affiliates. You’ll never find a better training course, anywhere. These guys at HTA have put their hearts and lives into the Project Breakthrough offering. Take it as far as you choose to. Then, leap in deeper. Love, The Editor. Internet Business division.

commission miner co-op super affiliate

 Super Affiliate Forum

The results are in … Commission Miner Co-op is a winner! Called a breeding place for passionate Super Affiliates! Why ?

Because affiliate commissions are pouring in, thanks to the guru help and advice being dispensed in the free Super Affiliate FORUM. What a rapid, speed of light learning place! Jump in FREE for your one month’s trial, to test the COOP Power, here:


What is CommissionMiner Co-op? List Building Methods and Skills are generously shared in Commission Miner Coop, by Bryan Winters


Commission Miner Co-op

This online business is quickly becoming THE enterprise that any budding Internet Super Affiliate MUST get involved with. Nowhere else is there such a sharing of strategies and tactics, best practices and top methodologies of online super affiliates.

Especially for those marketers who want to rise to stardom in their email marketing. Super Affiliates like Ewen Chia and Bryan Winters always built mailing lists…. They could offer mailings to their lists as massive incentives for others. They could print super affiliate level commissions at will.

Well, you see, the Commission Miner co-op has all the best landing pages, lead capture tools – ready for their FUNNELS. The funnel formula, that makes money for the wealthy online super affiliate.

Don’t ever try to invent this type of marketing system yourself. Watch the experts. Join the Commission Miner co-op Forum and copy, emulate, and imitate the true super affiliates. Follow their lead. Grab multiplying, exponentially growing 2-Tier commissions for yourself!

But you had better hurry. The emails are racing out to hundreds of thousands of Internet prospects. Entrepreneurs and marketers in training. You need to grab first mover advantage. Because the early bird does get a bigger share of the worms. Super Affiliates from the technically sophisticated commission miner co-op will beat you to these waiting prospects. The IM niche is finite, as you know. It is not exactly an infinite Universe – yet!

Here is your business opportunity that works in a beautifully cooperative way. A true marketing co-op. The traffic sharing, the rotators in the upgrade, grab Web traffic for you. So enter here into the high productivity of the hot new place – Commission Miner Co-op  by the unstoppable Bryan Winters. Start to define your business goals. Get started right here:


The unique Forum will train you in World Class List Building Methods and Skills. These are best of breed globally and are shared in Commission Miner Coop, by Bryan Winters


The Editor, Super Affiliate Training Forum
For: Commission Miner Coop Marketing Training Systems For Internet Affiliates

Small Business Startup In US Cities

Here are some small business ideas for online startups in the major U.S. cities. Entrepreneurs in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and Miami and other locations are invited to join the Commission Miner Cooperative.

Based in Minnesota, CMC is the brain child of veteran Internet marketer, Bryan Winters. He gives you this possibility: You can now startup a new business free, by joining Commission Miner Coop as a trial member. It involves some forum based training. Experienced people will give you a surprising amount of personal support.

The thing is, in the field of home based business from your SOHO, it’s a great idea to learn from the mistakes of other marketing gurus. That is the major benefit to you. So you don’t have to go through years of trial and error learning. Trial the web tools, the landing pages, the traffic generation methods and the swipe copy templates for emails – short and long format.

CMC is a friendly learning place on The Internet for all budding affiliate marketers. Startup a free business in any U.S. city. These small business startups are founded on the solid rock of the trial and error learning of others. Small business ideas shared there, in the Forum, will simply amaze you.

Signed: The CMC Editor

How To Increase Traffic Rank

Increasing My Traffic

I seem obsessed with the question of: How to increase traffic rank, for my main business, – maybe this is a true magnificent obsession? That would be a good thing.

Here are some Alexa Stats: The Current Alexa rank of is 146093. During the viewing period of time, its highest rank was quoted as 146093, its lowest rank was 978276. The web traffic is growing. Mobile friendliness indicates that the traffic is about 50% mobile and 50% desktop traffic. That is a very rough estimate. Mobile friendliness is an important factor in SEO now …

How To Increase Web Visitors

You need to work with all web channels. That is, all data nodes in Google semantic search. Do your SEO for more organic traffic from blogs and HTML web sites. Do some PPC or pay per click to test for which keywords convert better to sales. In this case, free memberships. In Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll notice that search queries are tested for impressions, at different average positions in SERPs, to arrive at a CTR or measure of clickthrough rate. So organic search is beginning to work like Adwords PPC. That is critical to grasp when you want to know how to increase traffic rank at Alexa for your preferred Internet based business.

Also do some tests in pay per view or ‘cost per view,’ targeting desired websites. I’ve heard it’s better to target web sites than to rely on keywords and key phrases. Run a few social media image campaigns on Instagram and Pinterest. Maybe a bit of posting in public groups, like the Facebook Business Exchange and Motivated Entrepreneurs. will also deliver you a quick burst of web traffic.

Here’s the evergreen commission multiplier Internet business, for you to test, test, trial for free for one whole month: I strongly recommend it:


List Building Methods and Skills are shared in  Coop, by Bryan Winters, master marketer


About By Bryan Winters


Bryan writes …

“I’ve been truly blessed to be able to live the
Internet marketing lifestyle for the past 13 years.

This means working from home, setting my own hours,
and never having to go into work or answering to a

On top of that I’ve made millions of dollars
online and have been able to pay off multiple
homes, take exotic vacations and cruises, and
so much more.

All of this adds up to an immense about of

I simply know how to make piles of cash online,
while helping others succeed.

As a member of my brand new Commission Miner Co-Op,
you have direct access to ME through the private
member forum.

You can either hire me at $200 per hour for coaching.

OR, you can simply login to my private forum for
personal hands on coaching and guidance from yours
truly. 😉 ”

If you’re not yet a Commission Miner Co-Op member,
you can actually get started for FREE

Join us at the above link. Jump into the marketers coaching FORUM.

Start learning the skills of How to Increase Traffic Rank

for your recurring, monthly profits! And finally enjoy Internet success!


Geoff Dodd



Commission Miner Com Co-operative Makes Money On The Internet

Multiplying Commissions

Are you tired of struggling to make money on The Internet? You’re following the guru marketers, buying products, but never realizing a cent of profit for yourself? Have you visited ?

You might not have seen Commission Miner Co-op yet. What is it, exactly?

Commission Miner Co-op is the brain child of Bryan Winters, an expert marketer in the USA. It is a cooperative approach to Internet marketing, where seasoned experts help beginner marketers to realize their dreams online.

The difference? The difference between and other programs designed to help you make money on The Internet, is the amount of sharing that happens, between experts and beginners.

Just watch this video and you’ll quickly see what I mean:

List Building Methods and Skills are shared in Commission Miner Coop, by Bryan Winters

Did you go through to watch Bryan Winters’ video?  Bryan mentions the FORUM. That is the difference. A high level of commission earning training, emerges from this incredible business and marketing forum.

The thing is… many of the other experts are yet to realize that commissions can be multiplied. This is a fact. Insiders within use a special 2-Tier design that multiplies your commissions payable, outrageously!

That is why I am so excited to share the amazing Commission Miner Co-op business opportunity with you, today! It is also evergreen. It will be around for many years to come. That is another FACT about where huge residual incomes are being generated. Every day.

Bryan Winters explains that the roaring success achieved by his web site, is due to a deliberate formula, which goes like this:  FORMULA + FUNNELS = FORTUNE

Funnels of lead capture are an essential part of the Bryan Winters system design. The ultimate goal is to build a massive mailing list. Then you can work the back end, sending numerous offers out to your valued subscribers.

However, there are other 2-Tier affiliate programs built into the marketing funnels. Programs like a hosting and web tools provider. Varying ways to make money on The Internet.

I strongly recommend you join – it is free for the first One Whole Month, so you can test it out. Kick the tires and learn top marketing secrets from the expert marketers, inside the CMC FORUM. Take advantage of that first month free, and build up momentum. Then you will have a running start when the monthly recurring commissions come around. It will be $14.50 a pop. Plus $48.50 from each rotater upgrade. That is 50% commissions. To YOU. Not yet counting the other back-end programs. And the back end mailings you will do when you have built your email marketing list. So get stuck in right now and do enjoy your first whole month of the new Commission Miner Coop on the house!

Work online from home in your home office, generating residual commissions.

The Editor, Commission Miner Co-operative.