My Funnel Empire Startup

What is it?  My Funnel Empire is where viral marketing meets hi tech in server side software – to create enormous leverage. You can then build a mailing list, while earning a growing quantity of affiliate commissions. And it multiplies itself and continues to grow, thanks to the leverage built-in to My Funnel Empire or M.F.E. Designed in Minnesota, USA.


My Funnel Empire is by Bryan Winters


The cycle is explained in the diagram above. Can you see that it is a multiplying, autonomously growing marketing system? You’ll love how the list building speed accelerates with MY FUNNEL EMPIRE – especially if you are a MFE Founder Member.  Please read the comment #1695 which the above link points you to. This is a truly exceptional system. Because of the growth leverage that is built-in and operates automatically for you.


Are you starving for more Web traffic to your blog or to your HTML coded Web site? We have the perfect solution for ALL bloggers and site owners. We give you 14 days of free traffic training in the form of a free email course. To begin your day by day traffic training, simply fill in this brief, dark blue form: Thanks 🙂



Your info is safe and secure with us. We never share your details or spam anyone.

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Thanks for working together. We will make My Funnel Empire exceptional. It will be proven to be the best viral marketing SYSTEM you’ll ever find, anywhere!

It launches on May 24, 2016. Here’s some proof of the traffic levels that the project’s creator has already achieved:


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My Funnel Empire will easily generate this Traffic level, as earlier systems did this result.


Project Breakthrough Free Video Course

Affiliate training has never been this good. With a focus on massive traffic and conversions, High Traffic Academy is giving away its new 14 day video training course, known as Project Breakthrough. This free video course has high standards. Jason McClain and Vick Strizheus of HTA are visionary Internet entrepreneurs who have just created the project with the greatest potential online earning power.

In the front end, Project Breakthrough has a $1.50 CPA offer. This is paid out monthly via check or Paypal using their associated affiliate aggregator company, ClickPromise com. If you want to remain a free affiliate, you simply take the affiliate training course for 14 days, and accept this $1.50 per person referred level of remuneration.

If you also join High Traffic Academy as an Elite Member, then up to 27 additional streams of affiliate income will open up to you. The cost of an Elite membership at High Traffic Academy, is $297 per month. It is well worth paying this much. Why? Because after the 14 days of free video training, you will have very high skills of driving Internet traffic and converting it to sales! Join me here to find out a lot more about the free videos. See on the right of that Web page, where it says, “Claim my free spot.”

I’ll help you as much as I can. Your email is completely safe with me. You can leave the Team at any time.

We have to do this together. Project Breakthrough is a video training course for affiliates. You will need to sift and filter it. Learn the skills and take away the most effective teachings. Things like media buys, buying solo ads, setting up your autoresponder and writing the first three, irresistible letters. Vick Strizheus is brilliant at these marketing tactics. Amazing quality of absolute gems in the free training, my friend.

Hint:  I, personally, didn’t say “yes” to all the upsells. First, take the free training and see it out for 14 days. You’ll find massive upsells to internal products, a champion level, and then a Summit meeting on August 22, 2016. At the High Traffic Academy Summit on August 22, you will be charged for attendance plus entered into a totally new network marketing company, called Entra LIFE and EntraCore. This is projected to create several millionaires. Only go THIS far, if you have conquered traffic and conversions. You CAN. Vick Strizheus shares his top level skills, all along the way. So does Jason McClain, across the board. The guys are both highly developed, 7 figure earners, with consistency. Jason showed us his huge advertising spend:     $60k per month at facebook and a massive $138k per month doing Google Adwords pay per click advertising. Of course, you don’t have to spend like this on Internet advertising. That’s the level that High Traffic Academy is operating at. It’s probably a lot more at the corporate level.

Anyway, I strongly recommend that every company’s affiliate manager does use Project Breakthrough for their training of affiliates. Why? Simply because these Internet experts are giving away their best ideas on getting Internet traffic and conversion. It’s of such high value. Please enter here for your 14 day video course of affiliate training:


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Thanks for visiting me here today on my WordPress platform. I love this foundation. Do take advantage of the awesome Project Breakthrough free training for Internet affiliates. You’ll never find a better training course, anywhere. These guys at HTA have put their hearts and lives into the Project Breakthrough offering. Take it as far as you choose to. Then, leap in deeper. Love, The Editor. Internet Business division.